Alumni Association – Disbandment

The following notice was received on August 14, 2022

Alumni Association of NSTC
PO Box 25005, Truro, NS B2N 7B8

August 14, 2022 

Dear fellow Alumnus: 

I have some sad news for you. 

Yesterday, at our reunion AGM, the 70 plus members in attendance, after much discussion, voted to disband our Association at the end of the meeting. 

Margie [curent President] and I were given instructions to dispense all the assets belonging to the Association. The physical materials are to go to the Little White Schoolhouse Museum, the Colchester Library, the Colchester Historical Museum and the Colchester-East Hants Retired Teachers Organization, as appropriate. After all debts are settled, including pre-paid memberships, the financial assets are to go 75% to the Little White Schoolhouse Museum and 25% to the Colchester Historical Museum. 

Those of you who have pre-paid your memberships for 2023 and beyond will be given an appropriate refund. 

With regrets and sadness, I am  

Bob Jordan ’70